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I am now tinkering.

In June 2004 I started a blog using a full-featured CMS written in PHP. The first post was titled Nando Florestan’s site is now interactive. I was very excited...

Today I am starting a new blog ― and I am also excited because I can finally get rid of the old thing, using something much simpler: Tinkerer, a static blog generator written in Python.

There is a powerful text markup language that Python developers have traditionally used for documentation. It is called reStructuredText. Nowadays, with everybody using Sphinx, reStructuredText is even more popular. So Python developers needed a blog system that supported reStructuredText. Blogging is easier without mental context switching between markup languages.

So when famous programmer Ben Bangert mentioned Tinkerer in a chat, I immediately knew it would be eagerly adopted by Python developers. Ben has just migrated from Tumblr to Tinkerer.

For common people who want a new blog, I still recommend Tumblr though.