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Pylons without Buffet, and a critique of TurboGears

Ben Bangert has decided to remove Buffet from Pylons. Of course it will still support all those templating languages, just not through Buffet.

The replacement? Just a few basic render functions. They make it much easier to see how you’d modify parts if you needed to tweak options — something you cannot do if Buffet is in the equation.

Here is ltbarcly’s version of the same thing.

ltbarcly agrees. Why do we need one function that knows how to render every possible type of template? Just have a function called “render_genshi”, one called “render_mako” etc., then you can do things like streaming in genshi, or form filling, and use all the caching etc in mako. Buffet doesn’t do anything for you really — except give you the lowest common denominator.

He thinks, as I do, that dot notation for template names is stupid. If you write a common path instead, such as “test/blah.html”, it looks for “test/blah/html”... Who needs the additional text replacement code — who ever needed dot notation for templates?

(Mitsuhiko answers: Kid was the one that needed dot notation, because it compiled the template, then imported it.)

I wish TurboGears 2.0 does without Buffet, too...